Casino streamer with a charming personality and a winning smile, VonDice is someone with undying love and interest for everything slots. Join VonDice for fun-filled sessions of slot spinning and bonus hunting!  

Born in Ex-Yugoslavia, Andrew VonDice moved to Stockholm, Sweden with his parents as a child. After finishing school, he decided to take on the world. He spent a year in Las Vegas before deciding to settle (at least for the time being) at the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta.  

During one dinner party he met the casino streaming legend and his now good buddy Roshtein who introduced him to the iGaming community on Twitch. Andrew was Roshtein’s guest on more than a few occasions and the two of them shared some of the most memorable casino streaming moments ever. With his cheerful demeanor and big smile, he won over the hearts of Roshten’s Twitch followers in no time. 

Casino Streaming Career 

Andrew enjoyed the whole process of streaming on Roshtein’s channel so much that he decided to give it a go on his own. So, on February 21, 2021, VonDice started his casino streaming channel on Twitch and soon became one of the most-watched streamers in the Slots category. His first stream was watched by more than 20,000 viewers and he had more than 25,000 followers before the channel was even officially launched.  

Today, he is ranked as one of the top 5 casino streamers with more than 170,000 followers and thousands of people watching his every live stream. The reason so many viewers are flocking to VonDice’s channel and love watching his stream is because of his fun personality and positive energy. However, not only do players get to enjoy an engaging and immersive gaming atmosphere but also thrilling bonus openings and tournaments. VonDice is a natural showman and those who follow his streams know that there is never a dull moment. 

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