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Casino games are going parabolic on Twitch and more streamers join the fray every day. Gambling sessions are always much more enjoyable when they are accompanied by superb personalities and provide viewers with an entertaining atmosphere. Today, the gambling sections are filled with talent. However, some stand out above the rest.

The Rapid Rise Of The Gambling Meta

Although slots and gambling streamers have always been present on Twitch but the betting genre really blew up in 2020. The glory of the Twitch gambling meta accelerated many channels to complete stardom. They range from veteran casino streamers to even variety-gamers, who normally only broadcast video games.

Betting games just seem to bring people together. Here are some of the most entertaining and fun Twitch streamers to watch in the gambling section.


  • Nickname: Rosh
  • Streams: Casino games
  • Twitch followers: 800,000+

Roshtein is a gambling entity that transcends this whole list. He is the embodiment of casino streaming and a pioneer that single-handedly carried the genre for years. Hands down, he is the #1 ranked gambling streamer on Twitch or anywhere else. 

Long before the gambling meta even started getting traction, Roshtein has been on the gambling grind ever since 2016. His channel boasts 800,000+ followers and a cult-like following. Although born in Sweden, Roshtein moved to Malta in 2017 to pursue his gambling dreams. His streams are on a consistent schedule and rake in 17,000+ viewers each stream on average. 

Roshtein has had countless unforgettable moments but perhaps his most famous win was on Wanted Dead or a Wild by Hacksaw Gaming. He hit a staggering jackpot of almost $9 million ($8,967,600) – the largest live-recorded win ever! Quite fitting for the king of casino streaming.


  • Nickname: Human Chestnut
  • Streams: Casino games
  • Twitch followers: 173,000

After making a small fortune in cryptocurrency trading, VonDice decided to take his betting hobby to another level and become a gambling celebrity. Having appeared on Roshtein’s stream a couple of times, he became an instant favorite among the Troops. His big stature, charming personality, and enthusiasm towards slots earned him the nickname Human Chestnut and the audience couldn’t get enough.

So much so that viewers of Roshtein started begging VonDice to start his own channel. With the help of his fellow Swedish casino streamers, VonDice made his debut in February of 2021. His very first stream brought over 20,000 concurrent viewers, a viewer counts most gaming streamers are jealous of. Today, his channel boasts 7 million channel views and 175,000+ followers.

On VonDice’s stream, you can expect high-quality slot gameplay, wholesome teddy bear-like interactions, and all kinds of entertainment skits like in his dress-up Halloween event. Some of his most played slots are Fruit Party, Gates of Olympus, and GameArt’s Rosh Immortality Cube.


  • Nickname: Jay
  • Streams: Casino games
  • Twitch followers: 190,000

Jay, also known as DeuceAce, is another Swedish gambling entertainer. Together with VonDice and Roshtein, they complete the holy trinity of casino streamers. With his background in finance, Jay brings a much more methodical approach to gambling and is a stoic counterpart to the rest of the group.

Although streaming for quite a short time, DeuceAce is already on top of the slot section. His channel has gained 10 million channel views, 190,000 followers, and countless epic highlight reel wins, all within a year and a half of live streaming.

During his Halloween stream, DeuceAce pulled the impossible comeback. With his last bet placed and $57 left in his balance at Stake casino, he won $2,500,000 while playing Wanted Dead or a Wild. 


  • Nickname: LeBidule
  • Streams: Live table games
  • Twitch followers: 171,000

Although not an English-speaking streamer, Bidule is a devoted entertainer. What makes this French gambler stand out is his love and preference for live table games. These include anything from the classics such as blackjack, roulette, or baccarat to wild game shows like ‘Crazy Time’ or ‘Monopoly Live’.

If you’re someone who loves to watch live table games and real action, Bidule is the number one pick, even if you don’t speak French. He’s just that good.

His streams are funny, packed with action, energy, and high stakes. On YouTube, Adrien aka Bidule has 63,400 subscribers, 147,000 followers on Twitch, and an average viewer count of 6,120. 

The tough anti-gambling laws in France led him to relocate to Malta in order to set up his casino streaming base. His relocation proved to be worth it as many of his wins earned him six-figure jackpots. For example, Bidule’s biggest win ever was on Evolution’s Mega Ball. Earning him an amazing sum of €313,900.


  • Nickname: Ape
  • Streams: Variety
  • Twitch followers: 1.6 million

Up until just a few years ago, Tyler aka Trainwrecks was considered just a small streamer. Although a gamer, his skills were never the highlight of his broadcasts. The Twitch gorilla and his “Ape Gang” are one of the most vocal and ruthless communities on Twitch. 

His outspoken personality is what most of his fans yearn for and the action-packed gameplay of slots is just the perfect pairing. Trainwrecks carries his aggressive playstyle from video games into slots. Every session is hardcore in nature and focused on winning. From time to time, he partners with Roshtein and other streamers to somewhat nullify and compliment that intensity.

However, his intense gameplay seems to work for him as is evident by his legendary $3,060,200 win on Wanted Deador a Wild by Hacksaw Gaming. Active since 2018, Tyler is already a top 50 earning streamer and the main ambassador that represents gaming and gambling on Twitch. 

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